In 1970, Congress passed the Uniform Relocation Assistance and Real Property Acquisition Act (URA) to ensure fair compensation and assistance for people whose property was compulsorily acquired for public use under “eminent domain” law.  This Act was a series of provisions codified in 1971 to ensure fair treatment of those displaced by federally funded programs, federally assisted programs, or state and local agencies receiving federal funds. It was intended to make federal efforts to compensate these persons subjected to federal eminent domain efforts standard and uniform.

The Thompson Falls Wastewater Project will require the City to acquire temporary construction easements from homeowners and businesses to allow work on their property.  The work will involve the abandonment of existing septic systems and the installation of service lines that will connect homes and businesses to the City’s wastewater collection and treatment systems. 

The work on private property will be voluntary, and the City will not use eminent domain to acquire the easements.  Also, the work will be completed in a manner that will not result in the dislocation of residents or businesses. 

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General Information Notice

When a Public Agency Acquires Your Property

If you have further questions about your rights as a property owner and the URA, please contact the City’s relocation & acquisition specialist, LaNette Jones, at (406) 495-6179 or